The benefits of iWALK hands free crutches

Unlike crutches and knee scooters, the iWALK3.0 is a hands-free mobility device. This means daily living activities that are impossible with crutches and knee scooters, such as shopping, working, cooking and child care, are possible with the iWALK3.0.

Think of the fundamentals to getting on with your life. Simply opening a door, taking a phone call, carrying a drink. You can’t do these things on crutches. With the iWALK you don’t need to put your life on hold while you recover from your injury.

Here you’ll find some more benefits you might not have considered. These aren’t merely claims, they are backed up by independent research which you can find on our clinical research page

Patient Well Being

There’s many reasons 9 out of 10 patients prefer the iWALK. But being able to live a life without putting it all on hold is the biggest factor in keeping upbeat, staving off depression and maintaining wellbeing during recovery. In our study, patients had a more positive attitude to life due to the improved independence with the iWALK.

Exercise has a huge bearing on wellbeing, and it’s simply not possible with crutches. Enter iWALK. Of course, you’ll have to postpone that marathon, but maintaining an active lifestyle is still very much possible, as many iWALK users have demonstrated. Working out at the gym, golfing, bowling, even hiking. Check out our instagram, Facebook and YouTube for inspiring iWALKers.

As well as liberty, iWALK provides pain-free mobility. Crutches can really hurt the hands and shoulders, but the iWALK doesn’t need your hands and is comfortable to use for the supported leg.

Faster Recovery

Yep, you’ll recover faster. It’s clinically proven. Because patients are active and using the muscles in both legs, there is more blood flow and less muscle atrophy, which means less rehab required after the injury has healed.

A lot of secondary injuries arise from lack of ‘compliance’, that is to say, people taking shortcuts instead of using their crutches because they’re such a pain, and then injuring themselves. Patients prefer the iWALK, they want to use it because they can lead a functional lifestyle, and the injured leg is always safely out of the way.

There won’t be any of the secondary injuries that directly occur after crutch use either, such as carpal tunnel or crutch palsy. Nor will you be suffering from back and shoulder issues from poor posture associated with crutch use.


Unlike other mobility devices, iWALK3.0 has a long history of injury-free performance. Secondary injuries are non-existent.

Using crutches is actually really hard work! The iWALK uses much less energy and there is considerably less patient fatigue, while still being able to walk at normal speeds.

Patients on crutches can tire easily, leading to potential accidents as they do, or taking shortcuts instead of using the crutches which can also lead to re-injury. The alternative for a tired crutch user is simply not moving instead, which as we highlighted earlier, has a detrimental effect on wellbeing.


iWALK3.0 enables people to get back to work during their recovery period and prevents their injury from impacting their income. Single patients or those without nearby family don’t need to hire any help or assistance, for example they can walk their dog, make their meals and do their housework.

Check out our independent research page for more details, stats and references.