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  1. My IWalk has been a life saver. I first bought it a few years ago before an ankle fusion op, it gave me independence, I could go shopping, socialise etc. In the house I could be hands free and do whatever I needed. The op wasn’t successful & I needed a 2nd one, the IWalk came out again and again I was able to manage fairly independently. Unfortunately that didn’t work either so I’m now awaiting a 3rd op. IN THE MEANTIME, I’ve broken my right foot! I couldn’t manage to turn the sole piece from left to right. I rang the northern UK dealer, (Steve) said not only said it could be fixed, BUT HE CAME ROUND TO MY HOUSE AND FIXED IT FOR ME, the same day, he fitted it to my right leg and helped me to practice with it! He told me to ring him if problems occur. THEN HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME A BILL for all his time! This guy was a complete Angel! I would highly recommend the IWalk to anyone who has had below knee surgery and can physically use it.

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