Brand new to the UK’s mobility aid market, the iWALK 3.0 is the latest hands-free knee crutch to be developed, and features several key improvements on its predecessor, the iWALK 2.0.

Like every previous model of hands-free knee crutch, the iWALK 3.0 is fitted directly to the injured leg, raising the foot and ankle off the ground so you don’t have to.

Other popular mobility aids – like knee scooters and conventional crutches – require the use of your hands to operate, making multitasking very difficult when you’re on the move. Even small things like carrying your shopping or making a phonecall can become a real hassle, but you can leave these issues behind with the iWALK 3.0. This hands-free knee crutch leaves your hands completely unoccupied, allowing you to resume your day-to-day life with minimal disruption.

Plus – thanks to its versatile design – the iWALK 3.0 is compatible with a wide variety of foot and ankle injuries. This walking aid can be used with foot fractures, sprained, broken or dislocated ankles, plantar fasciitis and calf muscle strain – but take a look at our injury suitability page for a more detailed break down.

So, what’s new with the iWALK 3.0?

While the fundamental design of the hands-free knee crutch hasn’t changed, a handful of significant upgrades allows the iWALK 3.0 to offer a revolutionary level of comfort, functionality and mobility. From improved stability and comfort to better airflow within the knee platform, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an enhanced performance with the iWALK 3.0.

Keen to find out more about this model? See the iWALK 2.0 and iWALK 3.0 side by side over on our comparison page, where we reveal exactly which elements of the design have changed, and how these updates will benefit our users.

Want more details on the iWALK 3.0 model, or just want to get your hands on one? Its available right now over on our product page.

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