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Can I go up and down stairs with the iWALK2.0 crutch?

Absolutely. Attempting to navigate stairs on conventional crutches is strenuous and downright dangerous, and with a knee scooter it’s practically impossible. But it’s something you can do easily with your iWALK2.0.



Always use the handrail when using your iWALK2.0 crutch on stairs. If two handrails are available, use both.

Going up – Always go one step at a time. Lead with your good foot, then bring your crutch foot up to the same step as your good leg, so that you’re now standing on that step with both legs. Proceed to the next step, leading with your good leg again, followed by your iWALK leg. Repeat the process.

Going down – Most people prefer to go down stairs backwards (facing up). It sounds scary, but it’s actually quite easy. Always go one step at a time. Holding the hand rail(s), lead with your crutch foot, then follow with your good foot, placing it on the step beside your crutch foot. Repeat the process.